Service to the Community: Clinical Practice

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Clinical Practice Activities

In this section, which should be evaluated for 5% of the total, documents three areas of clinical practice in the community. Each area is related to my work as an independently licensed behavioral health professional, supporting professional development through clinical practice. While each area is outside the scope of my work as an educator of future Marriage and Family Therapists and Director of the campus Counseling & Wellness Center, continuous clinical experience in varied settings maintains my clinical skills and provides up-to-date context for classroom teaching.

Private Practice–Cox Family Wellness Systems

Secondary Employment–Appalachian Regional Healthcare System

Volunteer Activities

Private Practice

Cox Family Wellness Systems is an appointment-only solo practice that provides substance use disorder services for individuals, families, and groups. Offered services are counseling, clinical supervision, consulting, and training. Specialty areas are trauma-informed approaches, substance-affected families, criminal justice-affected systems, crisis services, and peer recovery models.

Secondary Employment

Since 2017 I have provided crisis assessment and intervention services to patients of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) in Boone NC. This work allows me to provide counseling to individuals and families when they are most in need of support. A letter of support from my ARHS direct supervisor is included for documentation.

As part of my work at ARHS, I precepted a colleague during her field experience leading to a post-Masters Certification in Psych/Mental Health Nursing from Frontier Nursing University. (see redacted email image)

Volunteer Activities

To support my life mission, which is to give back where I’ve received, I engaged with two organizations.

First is the American Red Cross, where I am a Disaster Action Team member and a Mental Health provider who responded to several local disaster events. That response met the immediate food and shelter needs of families evacuated from their homes due to fire or flood. I am also a blood donor, and proud to say that I’ve donated the maximum whole blood units (6) possible for three years.

Second is my work as a SMART Recovery group facilitator from 2017 through 2020, when schedule changes and COVID-19 social distancing made group meetings impractical. My facilitation of this group allowed people to support their life changes and students to practice group facilitation.