Mecklenburg County Substance Use Disorder Taskforce

Meck SUD Taskforce

Mission Statement

Working together to be a national leader in addressing substance use disorders as a public health issue by providing an integrated continuum of care to create a healthy community.

I joined the SUD Taskforce shortly after arriving at Pfeiffer University as a way to network in the community and to do meaningful work toward a better world. In September 2020, I accepted the call to become the chair of the transitional care workgroup. The download (leadership-oct-2020) documents the pass of workgroup leadership and a summary of the status of workgroup projects. The goal of the transitional care workgroup is to ensure that those experiencing opioid dependence crises will have access to resources for transitional care. The objectives to reach this goal are (a) to offer clinical assessment to opioid-involved adults in local emergency departments (ED) and a warm hand-off from from the ED to the appropriate level of care and (b) to offer the initiation of medication assisted treatment (MAT) in the ED. The download “transitional-care-action-planning-worksheet” documents the workgroup’s goal plan.

2018 Opioid Summit presentation.

Member, Transitional Care Workgroup (Jan 2017 – Present)

Chair, Transitional Care Workgroup (Sep 2020)

Member, Data Presentation Workgroup (Oct 2020 – Present)

American Counseling Association Annual Conference Poster Presentation

North Carolina Counseling Association Annual Conference (2020) panel presentation

For the 2020 Conference I organized a panel presentation to discuss the role of professional counselors working in community development organizations. The panel included representation from criminal justice, harm reduction/syringe exchange, medication-assisted treatment, and public health; I moderated the panel. These pictures were taken at the presentation.