Scholary and Creative Activities

This section should be evaluated as 40% of the total portfolio.

What I do to keep current, in two paragraphs. Well, writing to learn and sharing the things I learn are two guiding principles of my scholarly and creative activities. I do several things. First, for every class I review current literature on the topic, seeking to expand my horizons and integrate materials into the topic. While not available to share in this format, my Blackboard course sites are packed with curated theory, technique, and resources for further exploration.

Second, I search for projects to engage with. These projects are often presentations and webinars. One project I undertook is the development of a Pfeiffer University/MMFT program to provide continuing counselor educational opportunities. The outcome of this pursuit is the presentation of multiple CE presentations over the previous three years on the Charlotte campus. Currently, we are partnering with Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC) on a co-branded seminar series. I have presented across the state at the McLeod Addiction Seminar, The UNC School of Social Work Clinical Supervision Series, and the NC Problem Gambling Program education series. Additional to presenting, I contributed to several unfunded grant proposals.

Third, I attend as much as 40 clock hours of continuing education to support licensure maintenance. I will not share these here as the list is extensive.


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