My Counseling LibraryThing

This post realizes a long-held dream of mine.   A dream that was alternatively nursed and neglected, but not forgotten over the years of professional practice.  I’ve always been a bit of an explorer and more than a bit of a collector.  Ephemera, books, music, video are all over my house.

This collection includes a selection of psychology and counseling books and textbooks.  There are several books on group work and several on substance use disorders.  I collect self-help books and books about understanding personality.  I have several books about research design and statistical analysis–although I am a novice at both of these.  And, last but not least, I collect books about writing.

Today I am introducing my buy/sell/trade/lend library of counseling-related materials.  This library is housed on the website  LibraryThing is a cataloging database and social media site for book lovers and collectors–and libraries.  Here is the link so you can view the dynamic listings for items of interest in my counseling library.  I will continue to update my catalog as I expand the collection.  Some items may be available for sale and will be listed on my eBay page.

If you want to borrow something, then email me and ask.  I am open to lending everything in my library, with a few exceptions.  Because of the nature of lending books–and them never being returned–I will sell the book to you and refund the price once the book is returned in good condition.  We will each pay shipping costs on our end.

If you want to trade or sell a book you own, then email me with the condition, price, and why I should have the item(s).  Let’s talk; I’m always ready to listen.

If you are on LibraryThing, we can communicate directly through the site.  If you are local, perhaps we can negotiate a better way to share than waiting for the USPS.

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